(Exploring the Amazon)


We offer here the equipment and support services necessary for you to enjoy a trip to the Contamana area. We realize that there are many people who want to pursue their particular interests in the Amazon Jungle unfettered by set schedules or fellow traveler/guests.

Modern technology has given us excellent aids for the individual explorer - GPS, Satellite Phones, Solar Power, - to name a few. But you still need some of the old fashion exploration aids - competent bilingual guides, safety conscious boatmen, good cooks, and all the right basic equipment - planes, boats, tents, etc.

We will provide all the above and monitor your movements and needs - quickly providing support materials and supplies to your field positions by fast supply watercraft or planes whenever you call for them.

Obviously each expedition is unique - with different exploration goals and different levels of comfort required by the explorers. So thorough planing and careful attention to detail is extremely important. In the process of laying out that information we can set the costs of each expedition.

But as a rule of thumb you can basically calculate the cost at:

Two weeks or less = $150.00/day (US dollars) per person - minimum of 2 people.

More then two weeks = at a lesser rate, depending on support needs.

Contact us to work out the exact details and cost of your expedition.

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