(Exploring the Amazon)


We have the equipment and support services necessary for you to enjoy a trip to the exotic remote jungle city of Contamana,  located on the Amazon River between Iquitos and Pucallpa, with the assistance of traditional Shipibo guides.

About Contamana:

It is one of the oldest ports on the Amazon and still has spectacular and virginal landscapes. The ‘Sierra del Divisor National Park’ is located here andit has protected to a high degree the ecosystems and biological communities of species of flora and fauna endemic and in some cases unique to the region, which makes it an area of great scientific importance. It also features numerous attractions like waterfalls, hot springs and fascinating flocks of wild parrots and macaws of great beauty.


On arrival to Pucallpa

      -     Pick up from the hotel

-       Orientation and discussions.

      -     Complete explanation of itinerary for4 day tour to Contamana.

Trip details:

 First day

-       Jungle breakfast.

-       7:00 am departure to Contamana.

-       Arrival and lunch -  traditional meal jungle style.

-       Transportation to the ‘National Park Sierra del Divisor’ -  30 minutes by car.

-       A walk of about 30 minutes to the first hot springs.

-       Bathing in the hot springs.

-       Setting up camp and the tents.

-       Break time for tea and refreshments.

-       Fire ceremony for sharing about the experiences of the day.

-       Sharing flute melodies and making of jungle music.

-       Singing traditional Shipibo songs.

-       Sharing history and observations about the exotic plants and animals of the region and their relationship to the native people.

-       Discussion of the cultural traditions of the native Shipibo people.

Second day

-       Jungle breakfast.

-       A fascinating 2 hour trek into the virgin jungle.

-       Watching and photographing birds, butterflies, etc.

-       Visiting various jungle streams and waterfalls.

-       Enjoying a jungle swim.

-       A talk centered on the unique flora in the region of the Amazon.

-       Time will be taken for many unique photo opportunities.

-       Lunch time jungle style

-       Returning to the hot springs – swimming

-       Fire ceremony

-       A short night walk into the jungle for a different experience.

-       Singing Shipibo songs

Third day

-       Hiking onto 2 wild mountains that rise above the plain.

-       Observing the jungle from the top of the mountains.

-       Lecturing about the jungle canopy below.

-       Taking time for photographs.

-       Lunch time jungle style.

-       Last opportunity to bath in the hot springs and communicate with nature.

-       Return to the little city of Contamana.

-       Exploring Contamana, La Perla de Ucayali.

-       Spend the night at the local hostel.

Fourth day

-       6:00  fast boat departure.

-       Contamana to Pucallpa trip.

-       Lunch time.

$ 500.00 per person the price includes:

-       All transportation.

-       Comfortable rooms with electricity in facilities.

-       Medical treatment for minor issues.

-       Translation provided during all the trip.

-       2 meals per day.

-       Jungle guides - traditional local native and an English speaker.

What to bring:

-       Headlamp and/or flashlight.

-       Light boots.

-       Insect repellent

-       14 kilos maximum back packfor the trip.

-       Outdoor sandals.

-       Tent.

-       Sleeping bag and mattress.


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