(Shipibo Hut - Upper Amazon)


We have a great number of different arrangements for guest housing - depending on the types of excursions you are taking and your requirements. It can be as simple as a tent or a native hut - or as sophisticated as an air conditioned room in a nice hotel with excellent restaurants within walking distance.


For your overnight stay to make connections in and out of Pucallpa we recommend:

Click on the hotel name above and you will be taken to their website. When you email for your reservation you can request airport transfers as well. This place is located in the Miraflores district - the best area of Lima. Beaches, restaurants, cultural attractions and casinos are all within walking distance of the hotel. The rooms are great and the rates start at $35.00.



If you want an air conditioned hotel room with swimming pool and other amenities then we recommend:

It is a comfortable and attractive hotel in the center of town, within walking distance of many good restaurants, casinos and other night life. Rates start at $40.00. Send them an email for your reservation and request airport transfers ( email: hsoloriente@qnet.com.pe ).

These other hotels are also well located in the city and have comfortable air conditioned rooms:

El Virrey ($25 and up) email: elvirrey@terra.com.pe

Hotel America ($35 and up ) email: hotelamerica@viabcp.com

Hotel Ruiz ($35 and up) email: hotelruiz@terra.com.pe



Sambo's - This is our own modest housing in the lake side village of San Jose, a short distance by boat or cab to Pucallpa. You will be guests of a native Shipibo family and be able to participate in many of our daily activities, including the typical food meals. The rate is $40.00 a day, which includes the meals. For more details, group rates and reservations - email: info@BluePeru.com

Available Cabins

The new 'Tree House'

Your Host Charlie and his daughter

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Hostess #2

Additional Staff

Compound Dinning Area

Contact us for more details.