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Our SAMBO Facebook Page

Wikitravel - Yarinacocha

Check out 'Eco Tropical Resorts' "Ecotourism is what we're about. We are a web site with a high interest in the ecology of tropical resorts, hotels, and lodges. What we are trying to do here is bring awareness to the beauty of these phenomenal natural surroundings, as well as the vulnerability.

What we did is perform some extremely intensive research to find those resorts/hotels/lodges that meet these standards. Some of them are obvious, such as incredible locations (including tropical rain forests and tropical beaches), great people running the resorts who care about our planet, and activities including eco tours. We also looked at how these resorts take an active interest in their environment, therefore justifiably calling them "eco" tropical resorts. Ideal for ecotourism!"

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Below are many links to help inform yourself about Peru, our locality, and the many activites covered by our tour operations.

PERU - The Country

South American Explorers - the best source of up to date information on Peru or most anywhere in South America. They also have many other things to offer the traveler at their clubhouses - check it out!

Lonely Planet - great source for all info

Nations On Line - many important links


Peruvian Birding Checklist - 1,824 species listed. Be patient for the page to load!

Peruvian Birding Adventures by Tom Davis

Birds & More - the biodiversity of Peru




Amazon River Dolphins