(Fishing Boats on Yarinacocha)


Wise men say that all journeys of discovery are actually journeys to self discovery. What we are really trying to understand when we engage in activities that expand our experience and knowledge of our planet - is ourselves, who we are, why we are here. The Amazon is the type of place where you can experience nature at the level and pace that facilitates that search - the discovery of your own nature, while at the same time you are experiencing the beauty of one of the world's most primitive and timeless places.

As individuals we have different interests, approaches to nature, hobbies, etc. In the excursions offered below, most everyone should be able to find something that appeals to them. The guides and facilities will differ on some of them and will change from time to time, but we are committed to bringing you the best available. You should contact us for confirmation on what we offer for any specific time period.

Here are the excursions we offer.

Recently added special four day tour to the most interesting location on the Amazon River: Contamana Volcanic Hot Springs! Click on this link!