(Amazon King Vulture)


Peru is one of the top 'bird watching' destinations in the world. With over 1,500 know species, you have the opportunity to really enjoy this activity in Peru. Because of the diversity of terrain in the Peruvian Amazon you will find a greater variety of birds here then in any other part of the Amazon River system.

Arrangements can be made to handle groups of 2 to 6 individuals. There are two excursions offered at this time - one to the area of Aguaytia and the other to Shambo.

Here are the prices - they include transportation, guide, sleeping accommodations, meals and drinks (departure from Pucallpa or our facilities in San Jose).


AGUAYTIA (Monte del Novia & Boqueron del Padre Abad)

This is the transition zone of the Eastern slopes of the Andes where it meets the Amazon Basin's rainforests. Spectacular waterfalls, plants and wildlife are abundant here.

3 day - 2 night trip = includes guide, transportation, room & meals



A Shipibo native village located on the lower Aquaytia River, it is surrounded by giant trees of the rainforest that is home to numerous monkeys, parrots, and other forest birds - including many species of Amazon Basin water birds.

2 day - 1 night river trip = includes guide, boat, camping gear and meals


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