(Shipibo Native - San Francisco)


Half of Peru's 23 million population are pure-blooded South American natives. Most are part of the Quechua language group (the language of the Incas). In the Peruvian Amazon there are over 200,000 natives divided into 53 ethnic groups - the Shipibo Tribe is the dominate group in the Ucayali area of the Amazon. The Amazon area was not dominated by the Incas or any other outside group (including the Spanish) and has many different languages. There are still isolated tribes in the region that avoid contact with the rest of the world and speak little or no Spanish.

The Shipibos are world famous for their open fire pottery making and intricate designs on all the native crafts and materials. They take a lot of pride in themselves and have resisted cultural change, but have no problem with 'visitors'. You will find them a very polite and friendly people.

Our tours take you among the tribes in different areas and you are invited to spend time with them at the villages of San Francisco or Cashibo Coacha. Besides watching their daily routines and art work - you may be invited to join in their traditional dances! There are messages and native sauna houses available for the weary traveler too. And of course you can buy beautifully crafted items directly from the natives.


Day trip includes transportation, guide, lunch and cold drinks.


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