(Amazon Fish Hawk)


Ethnobotany - "the use of plants and herbs by primitive societies".

Shaman - "someone that has the tools, and especially the knowledge of plants, to explore non-ordinary reality". Understand that the name 'Shaman' is a universal description - these individuals are called many different names in their respective societies.

The Peruvian Amazon is home to a greater variety of medicinal plants and herbs then anywhere else on earth. Over thousands of years the native peoples of this region have come to know the value and application of a great many of those plants.

Here in the Ucayali region the most respected 'Shaman' is a Shipibo Native - Mateo Arevalo. He will be your guide and demonstrate his extensive knowledge in this field. Those of you that wish to experience 'Ayawaska' will be assisted by him.


We will make a trip to the Shipibo village of Cashibo Cocha to spend the day with the tribe and the Shaman, Mateo Arevalo. The trip includes transportation, guide, lunch and cold drinks.


  • 1 guest = $75.00
  • 2 guests = $45.00/each
  • 3-4 guests = $40.00/each

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