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For these tours we have a globe trotting photographer who has spent many years in Latin America, the South Pacific, and Southeast Asia. He is putting his photo portfolio on the web at Blue-Photo.com - but if you have gone to the 'Photo Album' pages on this site you have already seen some of his work , and of course most of the other photos on this website are his too. Yes - the webmaster, Brian R. Mommsen, is your photo tour guide in Peru. But wait - there is more! He is also available for photo safaris to:

Brian has had a great deal of experience in most of these places and still has many friends there as well. So he is willing to organize customized photo safaris for individuals and groups to these areas. The subjects of interest for the trip can be anything you want, Brian is familiar with the cultures (past & present), geography, and natural history of those places.


Brian's services go beyond guide, interpreter, field naturalist, cultural anthropologist, epic storyteller, etc. - they also include trip planning and organization. It is one thing to buy a 'canned tour', the usual stuff everyone else does (along with a ridged trip schedule too), and quite another thing to have your very own personal 'safari organizer' that sets up a custom trip to meet your own interests and needs.

The cost of such arrangements might be expensive for an individual - but if there is a group that is splitting the costs, then it is not expensive. Brian charges $200/day for his services, all transportation, lodging and meal expenses are paid by the client(s) as well.

When you are ready for an adventure of a lifetime - contact Brian.