(Amazon Angelfish)


The many tributaries of the upper Amazon is home to over 2,000 species of fish - some of the most popular ones found in the tropical fish hobby. This is your opportunity to see them in their natural environment and if you want - experience collecting them as well! It is possible to find a new species in the process - making this an especially rewarding adventure.


There are specific areas that are very productive, depending on the species of interest and the time of year you are visiting the region. Our guides are familiar with all areas, as well as the techniques and equipment necessary for collection and transport of the specimens. You will be provided with all materials, the boat and the guide on a daily basis for these excursions - as well as lunch and cold drinks.


If you want to leave Peru with your live catch, then we can make the arrangements for the paperwork and the livestock. Paperwork should be done as much in advance as possible - so please let us know what you want to do when you notify us of your impending arrival.

(C) Costs

The daily cost of the excursion is:

The cost of holding & packing is $50.00/styro (fob Pucallpa airport)

The cost of the export documents is $100.00 per consignee

Contact us for more details.