(Amazon Capybara - World's Largest Rodent)


The number of mammal species found in Peru exceed 400 - a very large number for the size of the country. But the opportunity to see them is not as great as the chance to see birds, reptiles or fish. However, looking for them at night with the aid of blinds and with the use of night vision glasses, you will be able to spot a number of mammals in their natural environment - since most Amazon mammals are nocturnal. Monkeys, like the parrots, seem to be most everywhere and are very active during the day.

We offer three different excursions for the observation of wildlife, two already outlined on the 'Birding Page' and the Pucallpa Zoo.


Aguaytia & Shambo - click here for that info

Pucallpa Zoo & Regional Museum - An excellent collection of indigenous species in the zoo, many things of interest from the region's natural history and native cultures in the museum. this day trip includes transportation, guide, lunch and cold drinks as well as admission fees.

The cost:

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