Adie is the widow of the world famous exotic animal dealer Charlie MacGowan. With her son Marcos and other family members Adie is deeply involved with helping her people in the Shapibo Tribe to develop ecotourism on the Ucayali (upper Amazon) River. Their goal is to create sustainable businesses that will fund the tribe's efforts to protect their jungle environment and preserve the Shipibo culture.

Adie with one of their pets - an Anaconda

Adie, Muca and daughters

Inga & Muca

Charlie's niece and daughter

Charlie's sister-in-law and daughter

Herpetologist Graham assists with tours.

Brian R. Mommsen is another 'Bush Rat' and the webmaster of this and several other websites. He can handle living in 'civilization' as long as he can get away to some primitive spot on the planet to re-charge his batteries on a regular basis. That is one reason he is involved with ecotourism in Peru. Another reason of course - to make his contribution to something very worth while - the preservation of the Amazon rainforest and a people's way of life, the Shipibo Tribe. If you want more background on Brian and his activities - go to this website: BlueAmazon.com.